“I’ve heard that meditation is supposed to be helpful, but I don’t know where to start!”

Does this sound familiar to you? Don’t worry, most people feel this way.  These days we hear a lot about the many wonderful benefits of meditation, but many of us have no idea how to do it because it is something that is quite foreign to us. Most of us are on the go all of the time, and actually struggle to sit still and focus on “being” rather than “doing.”

I have learned that the trick is to find a few good guided meditation tracks to start practicing with, because it is usually very difficult to start meditating in silence. At first, these tracks may feel a little silly and you may even find yourself giggling as you try to follow along. However, the more you expose yourself to them, the more you’ll start to feel the relaxation and inner peace that meditation can help you to cultivate.

There are so many awesome FREE guided meditation tracks that you can find online. If you search for guided meditations on YouTube, you will be inundated with tons and tons to choose from! I wanted to share a few that I particularly enjoy and that my therapy clients have been able to benefit from. I recommend starting with the shortest meditation multiple times and working your way up to the longer meditations. There are also many different types of meditations out there, so I have provided a few different styles to give you an idea of what is available for you to try.

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Happy meditating!

Three of my favorite free online guided meditation tracks that I recommend to my therapy clients:

1) 10-minute guided “mindfulness meditation” with a focus on being aware of the present moment:

2) 13-minute guided “loving kindness” meditation to cultivate compassion for yourself and for others:

3) 29-minute guided “body scan” meditation with mindfulness guru Jon Kabat-Zinn to relax all parts of your body:


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